Few people understand the challenging process of finding a home quite like Haywood “Chris” Owens.  His career as a professional athlete sent him to 12 countries in the past 14 years where he’s had to find comfortable living quarters without the help of a reliable real estate agent.

From the white sand beaches of Croatia to the green hills of Italy and back home to the rolling plains of Texas, Owens mastered the skill of locating hidden residential utopias.

His professional basketball career allowed him to experience a variety of cultures and people across the world that gave him the unique ability to communicate and understand the needs of diverse individuals.

Shortly after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in History, Owens discovered his passion for real estate while playing overseas, all the while gaining an on the job experience of the history of various places all over the world.

In 2013, he broadened his international real estate experience while working with Remax in the Helsinki office in Finland. Here, Owens networked and built relationships to help build a base for foreigners to relocate from country to country.

The son of an interior designer, Owens furthered his appreciation for exotic beauty from studying “wonders of the world”, during his travels. Some of which include the Astronomical clock in Prague, St. Augustine church in Vienna, and the world famous colosseum in Rome.

Owens is a licensed real estate agent and served as the general contractor on his first project where he converted a 1956 mid-century home into a modern day gem, tucked away in a the posh Oak Cliff community. Through his keen eye for value and style, while providing maximum performance, the home more than doubled in value according to the comps in the area. Through his passion for growth and to reinvent Owens is always looking to improve in every area of real estate.

So many factors affect a life through culture, but home to Owens carries an important meaning and he’s prepared to assist you in your personal real estate ventures.

To start your real estate adventure, you can reach him at Haywoodrealestate@gmail.com